There is no rest for the royal family, when they spent a few hectic days in fulfilling their schedule, the kings of Spain now have to deal with Corinna Larsen’s new interview to The Telegraph.

The ex-lover of King Juan Carlos, does not slow down in terms of controversy, this time the “dear friend” of the monarch was compared to Meghan Markle and Wallis Simpson by saying that they make her “responsible for the fall of a man.”

During the conversation with journalist James Badcock, the German businesswoman once again lashed out at the crown.

The businesswoman recounted part of her experience with King Emeritus Juan Carlos I. PHOTO: Google

Corinna Larsen interview with The Telegraph

The ex-lover of the emeritus detailed the comparison with Wallis Simpson for whom Edward VIII resigned as King of England and with Meghan Markle, with whom Prince Harry decided to renounce his duties with the British royal family.

“Hostility is always channeled towards women.” “There is a tendency that when people cannot control a powerful man, they destroy the object of their affection.” She said.

She regretted being treated like a modern Wallis Simpson.

“This narrative still survives. You can even watch it with Meghan and Harry. Hostility always goes towards women and the poor man is this defenseless creature that has been horribly manipulated and it is the woman who has plunged the country into a huge crisis ”, compares the German.

The controversial relationship between Larsen and the emeritus gained notoriety when he traveled with him to Botswana in 2012.

The businesswoman spoke about the investigation that follows the emeritus on his finances and the 65 million euros that he “gave to his friend”.

“If I had been given a choice between this gift and continuing with my career, I would have chosen my profession at any time.” She said in reference to the money she received.

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