The photos that Kate Middleton’s brother published may cause annoyance in the Duchess of Cambridge’s in-laws. James Middleton, published on his Instagram account some very suggestive photographs of his sexy girlfriend, Alizee Thevenet.

These types of images are not usually to the liking of the British royal family so it is likely that they will receive a wake-up call to “moderate” the content that is published on the social networks of the relatives of a member of the monarchy.

Photos posted by Kate Middleton’s brother

In his profile of the camera’s social network, James Middleton has shared with his more than 190 thousand followers several images of his sexy girlfriend in bikini.

It seems that it can generate certain problems for his sister, Kate Middleton, the wife of the future king of England.

According to James, he published those images as a token of love to his girlfriend.

“When you think it’s almost autumn, but September throws you a heat wave.” It was the message that accompanied the image.

With the hot photos of his partner, James Middleton seems to have overlooked the reaction that these can generate in Buckingham Palace.

Robert Marquez

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