This May 22nd, the King and Queen of Spain, Felipe and Letizia celebrate their wedding anniversary. 18 years have passed since that nuptial link that was seen by millions of people and was attended by more than 1200 guests, including representatives of all the most important royal houses in the world.

The wedding left curious moments that have surely become the topic of conversation of the royal family at some meeting.

After almost two decades of the wedding, two daughters and ups and downs as a family, here we remember some events that marked the celebration.

The wedding of King Felipe and Queen Letizia took place on May 22, 2004.

Curiosities of the wedding of King Felipe and Queen Letizia

The rain: The initial plan was for Letizia Ortiz to travel to the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid where the wedding was to take place, but that day a heavy rain came down. In addition to the sea of people who wanted to see the happy couple in the front row, there were also dozens of umbrellas for shelter. Some people even opted to get wet so as not to lose their places.

A heavy rain marked that day.

The antics of the procession: The page boys and girls who were part of the wedding procession put a touch of tenderness, mischief and naturalness by skipping one or another step of the strict protocol.

Juan Froilán and Victoria Federica.

Letizia’s grandmother: One of the most moving moments came from Menchu Álvarez del Valle, Letizia’s grandmother, who was in charge of the second reading of the Liturgy of the Word. Showing off her profession as an announcer, she read the first letter of the Apostle Paul to the Corinthians.

Menchu Álvarez del Valle gave a Bible reading.

Gestures of love: Throughout the ceremony both Felipe and Letizia shared glances, smiles and gestures of love.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia.

Felipe’s oversight: Product of the nerves of the moment the then prince Felipe suffered a small oversight and was about to forget the words he should pronounce at the time of the exchange of the arras. Another curiosity is that one of these coins fell on some flowers that adorned the altar, the archbishop of Madrid himself picked it up and gave it back to the future king.

Stroll: At the end of the ceremony the couple rode in a Rolls-Royce through the streets of Madrid to greet all those who lined the side of the street to see the future kings and queens pass by.

The couple took a tour aboard a Rolls-Royce through the streets of Madrid.
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