Meghan Markle mother new job took an unexpected turn after her daughter’s marriage to Prince Harry. Dorian Ragland used to work as a yoga teacher now, she’s an executive director.

Since the former actress married Queen Elizabeth’s grandson, the media, especially the British tabloids, began to take an interest in everything related to the Duchess of Sussex’s family.

Criticism for Meghan Markle mother new job

Dedicated to her work as a yoga instructor, the American press set her sights on Ragland’s new profession. This Monday they reported on the shocking job promotion of the duchess’s mother.

Raglan, 64, is now CEO of Loving Kindness, a Beverly Hills based company that specializes in managing senior services. In addition to being a director, she is also the financial manager and secretary of the company. They reported.

Contrary to what many may regret that she stood out to reach that position, Dorian has been strongly criticized after knowing her current job and it is that they assure that the noble title of her daughter influenced the decision of the company for the appointment.

Although this position is relatively new, it is not the only one that Meghan’s mother has held throughout the year. They met in early 2020, she left her position as a social worker at a mental health clinic to design gemstone jewelry.

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