Queen Letizia, at 50 years old, can boast of having a body with a well-defined musculature, so much so that her toned arms have become a frequent topic of social networks, but did she always look like this? Some photos of the queen in a bikini put this theory to the test.

They are few, but photos of Queen Letizia in a bikini do exist. With the recent visit of the consort at the Real Natación Club de Madrid, where she enjoyed a water polo match, the social networks were once again curious about the photos of the queen in a swimsuit.

Cover of the magazine Semana in 2014. (Semana)

Photos of Queen Letizia in bikini

The privacy with which the Royal Household handles its affairs, out of agenda, is such that only photos of Queen Letizia in bikini taken on three occasions, specifically in 2007, 2011 and 2014 are known.

One of those photos would appear in the magazine ‘Hola’ and in it the consort could be seen enjoying the Spanish beaches. The image shows the then Princess of Asturias, sitting on the bow of the Fortuna, the royal family’s yacht while talking with Queen Sofia.

Queen Letizia of Spain in bikini. (Semana)

Later, the same magazine published another photo of Letizia in a swimsuit, this time it was a strapless printed model. Three years later, they captured the image of the consort on a beach on the Greek island of Antiparos, in these photos was the wife of King Felipe on family vacation with their daughters Leonor and Sofia.

Letizia Ortiz talking to Queen Sofia (Semana).
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