The interview of the sons of the Dukes of Cambridge with David Attenborough swept praise for the little princes.

With more than 20 thousand comments since the publication on the official account of the dukes on Instagram, the little ones have stolen the hearts of followers of the royal family.

Interview of the sons of the Dukes of Cambridge with David Attenborough

In the video where the voices of the three sons of the dukes were heard for the first time, the little ones cleared up all their doubts about the animal kingdom thanks to scientist David Attenborough.

Little George, 7 years old, was the first to speak when he asked what did he think would be the first animal to go extinct? which captivated the fans of royalty. Charlotte stole the show by making a revelation no one expected. The little girl spoke of her taste for spiders.

“I like spiders. Do you like spiders too?”

Finally, Louis intervened by asking the scientist what his favorite animal was.

Attenborough did not hesitate to answer that he liked monkeys, assuring him that they are very funny.

A few days ago, the also naturist had a special participation with Prince William, the Duchess and the little ones where an international controversy arose over the gift of the megalodon tooth that Attenborough made to Prince George who is a fan of dinosaurs.

Robert Marquez

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