One of the most popular love stories in the English monarchy is the relationship of Queen Elizabeth II and the late Prince Philip. Since November 20, 1947 the couple was united in marriage. However, before meeting the Duke of Edinburgh, the queen (then princess) had a first love.


First love of Queen Elizabeth II

The monarch, who has been at the helm of Great Britain for 70 years, fell in love with the Earl of Euston, Hugh FitzRoy, when she was just a teenager. Her best friend at the time, Alathea Fitzalan Howard, acknowledged in a memoir that they both liked him and “I am sure he prefers Lilibet to me,” referring to the daughter of George VI and the Queen Mother.

Who was Hugh FitzRoy?

Hugh FitzRoy was a young man seven years older than Queen Elizabeth II. He came from a family closely related to the crown as a descendant of Charles II of England. Although he spent three years performing royal duties in India, some claim that in those years he was one of the family’s favorites to marry the heiress.

The Earl of Euston died in 2011, he had already revealed on some occasions that he never had romantic interest with the heiress to the throne. Hugh married in 1946 with Anne Fortune FitzRoy, who served as mistress of the robes of Queen Elizabeth II. The two had five children who also hold royal titles.

Hugh FitzRoy passed away in 2011.
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