The retirement of Queen Elizabeth II is closer than ever. This is inferred from the rumors that have increased around the retirement of the monarch with the longest reign in history.

With more than 67 years on the throne, Elizabeth II became the monarch and head of State to have the longest reign, and she is also the first to reach the Sapphire Jubilee. At 94, the representative of the British crown refines the details for her absence.

Retirement of Queen Elizabeth II

As a result of the pandemic caused by the outbreak of covid-19 in the world, rumors that Queen Elizabeth II is preparing her resignation are booming again and it is that since last year British media ensure that the monarch is ready to give in power to his son Prince Charles.

During the last months the queen was forced to suspend all her commitments and remain in isolation at Windsor Castle with her husband Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Her grandson Prince William had to stand up for the monarchy.

The absence of the queen fueled rumors of her possible retirement, although they assure that there are still several months left for it to materialize. Angela Levin, a journalist, said in the documentary “The Queen and Charles-Mother and Son” that rumors indicate that the queen will resign from her duties when she is 95 years old, as did her husband, Prince Philip.

Power will fall to her son the Prince of Wales but will not be recognized as king. Charles would become prince regent, but he will not carry the title of king.

“If the monarch is unable to fulfill her duties, then the heir can take over and do all the tasks that the monarch cannot do,” Levin added.

Despite the rumors, spokesmen for Buckingham Palace denied the assumptions.

The queen’s subjects also do not agree with the resignation of the monarch, claiming that she is in perfect health and must fulfill the promise she made on assuming the throne at age 21 when she said that “all her life would be dedicated to the service of their nations. ”



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