Louise Mountbatten-Windsor, daughter of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and Sophie of Wessex comes of age with a little more exposure to the usual. Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughter has spent much of her life in total discretion, but since last year both her parents and she had taken a more relevant role in the royal family.

She recently spoke in front of the press about the death of her grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, her words and her personality captivated the followers of the royal family who saw in her another example of the generation of relief at the head of the British monarchy.

Lady Louise and her mother, Sophie of Wessex, at the funeral of Prince Philip of Edinburgh. Photo: Getty Images.

What royal title could Louise Mountbatten-Windsor have?

Her participation in front of the camera was not random, it is said that at Buckingham Palace they are already preparing her to take a more active role in the royal house. With her coming of age Lady Louise Windsor can already make the decision herself to work or remain low profile as her parents wanted to educate their children, in fact, she does not use any royal title but if she wanted she could soon premiere the ‘Her Royal Highness’.

For now, she continues to study and although her mother, the Countess of Wessex, hoped that Lady Luisa would keep her low profile until she finished her studies, she will be the one who decides what to do. Sofia confessed: that she has to “let her live her life and make her own choices.”

Lady Louise is fond of equestrian sports. Photo: Getty Images.
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