Royal commentator Neil Sean is a guest on “Fox & Friends” to discuss a new Netflix documentary that highlights Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle’s alleged difficulties living with the British royal family.

The former royals’ new reality show, “Harry & Meghan,” proved one thing: Meghan Markle is a really bad actress. We saw some elements of that when she had a supporting role in “Suits.” She is never a star, no matter what anyone else says.

The biggest revelation so far is Meghan Markle’s ever-changing smile, showing off her new teeth as Wallace in the latest edition of the series. Not the Wallis from The Simpsons, but the one from the animated series with Gromit. She shows off her new teeth every chance she gets. I would do the same. After all, they cost former Prince Harry dearly. But back to the plot.

What did we learn?

If I were Netflix, I would think this is a tired old soap opera in which the best jokes and drama have already been served up for another Oprah Winfrey trash-fest.

Meghan Markle reaffirms she had no idea what a royal walkabout was

Like Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard, Meghan Markle has again claimed that she has no idea what the royal walk is, despite having seen-and sampled-countless documentaries about the late Princess Diana. We have to believe this lie and Harry’s claim that Meghan knew how to curtsy as she prepared to meet Queen Elizabeth II for the first time.

Netflix – The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Royal expert Neil Sean says there are many inconsistencies in the stories about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Netflix).

It is a story in which the two fail to hold the line.

Next, Greta Garbo: single mother Doria Ragland, who, like the royal wedding, was filmed alone. What did she reveal? All she knew was that Harry was her daughter’s.

Of course, the dinner and the note were never mentioned, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that Meghan Markle, regardless of what she calls “truth,” is actively seeking a British husband, and with Harry she has hit the jackpot.

Likewise, Harry seems to think that people were stunned that he, a redhead, could win such a beautiful woman with brains, without realizing that he was the one with the cache. After all, what was Meghan Markle if not a cable TV actress? Somehow she convinced him that she was the one with the power over everything else.

Netflix – Prince Harry and Meghan

The biggest problem with the first three episodes is simply this: it is boring. And I say this with sincere concern. If this is the best they could do, what possible storylines were discarded?

Any news about Archie’s birthday and his daughter Lilibet, whom we never see? And now we know why. They are there to support a sick and very transparent TV documentary. Aside from Meghan Markle’s exploitation of the late Prince Philip when Harry was on his deathbed, it allowed him to launch his first global attack on the royal family on Oprah. Aside from the usual racist comments and insults, was that really all they had to offer?

Let’s face it. Netflix lost thousands of subscribers and gained a lot of free advertising in exchange for the unfortunate duo. But as a series, it’s a bomb, because nothing in their story holds up. Even the way they met has changed dramatically, as have many of the inaccuracies in the sick podcast he hosted and worked on for years. Nothing is really real.

Netflix – Harry & Meghan

Worse, there is more to come. But unless it turns out that the late queen secretly hated royal life, I can imagine Meghan Markle and Harry are really disappointed when it comes to family reunions.

Meghan Markle cries while she sits beside Prince Harry (Netflix)

However, it may not be long before the unfortunate duo gets into reality TV. Especially Prince Harry, because Meghan Markle will not stoop to this level. On the contrary, she is happy that Harry is tearing apart the family he once loved and with whom, contrary to his claims, he was actually very close and wanted to get back.

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