For 6 years Queen Elizabeth has not ed on a plane. Being the monarch with the longest reign in history, allows her to make any decision. Prince Charles’ mother, 95, has traveled more than any other world leader in history.

In 1953, in her newly inaugurated reign, she embarked on an international tour that took her to travel more than 70 thousand kilometers in 13 countries belonging to the Commonwealth and since then she did not stop until November 28, 2015 when she got off what would be the last plane she would take in her life as queen.

6 years ago was the last time the Queen travelled outside the British territory. Photo: Google.

Why Queen Elizabeth doesn’t travel by plane

The answer is: because of his advanced age. Her personal doctor recommended that she not take long flights so she began to delegate the representation of the monarchy abroad to younger members of the royal family, so she is only in charge of receiving representatives from other countries and traveling by train some territories of the United Kingdom.

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