One morning on October 4, 1997, the daughter of King Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía, Princess Cristina, was walking to the altar to join in marriage with the handball player Iñaki Urdangarin. The impressive Cathedral of Santa Cruz and Santa Eulalia in Barcelona was the romantic setting where they sealed their union in front of one thousand 500 guests.

Princess Cristina wedding

The princess arrived in a Rolls-Royce model model vehicle with her father and when she came down she dazzled with her wedding dress designed by Lorenzo Caprile, with boat-type décox and French sleeve in silk from the Valencian house Rafael Catalá, she finished her headdress with the floral headband belonging to Doña Sofía. The latter entered the church clutching the arm of her son, then Prince Felipe.

Cristina came to the church from her father’s arm. Photo: Bekia.

24 years later, four children and a life of ups and downs, the couple finally celebrates this anniversary together as Iñaki remains in a regime of semi-freedom after being sentenced to five years and 10 months by the Supreme Court for corruption, entered prison on June 18, 2018 and has served two of the years of his sentence.

His conviction for the Nóos case tested the love between Iñaki and Cristina. Photo: Google.
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