Princess Eleanor returned to Wales this November 7 after a short but significant stay in Spain. Her visit still continues to provoke expert analysis detailing the evolution of the future queen in view of the secrecy maintained by the Zarzuela Palace.

Her stature, hairstyle, hair and even her teeth have been the subject of conversation. One of these analyses revealed the condition that the heiress suffers from, apparently Leonor suffers from agenesis.

Princess Leonor of Spain could suffer from agenesis. (Agency)

What is hereditary agenesis, the condition of Princess Leonor of Spain?

Agenesis is a hereditary disease suffered by the Princess of Asturias. The condition is characterized by the absence of teeth due to lack of growth, caused by the lack of primordial tissue.

This condition is more common in children or in people with a chromosomal alteration. However, cases have been reported in which it can appear in any person and could affect the permanent dentition.

“In most of these cases, there is a physical obstruction or lack of space that prevents the natural formation of the tooth, or anomalies in the development of internal or external dental epithelium,” experts say.

There are studies that point to an “evolutionary factor of the species, so that the evolutionary tendency presents a contraction of the diameter of the skull that causes, due to lack of space, a decrease in the number of teeth”.

Princess Leonor has undergone orthodontic treatment. (Agency)

What happens to Princess Leonor’s teeth?

After the elimination of the use of the mandatory facemask during the covid-19 pandemic, the princess was noted to have two missing upper tusks.

According to experts, the princess’s condition could be hereditary. One of the theories about the teeth of the eldest daughter of King Felipe and Queen Letizia, explains that she is undergoing treatment to open space to place implants, these should be placed when she reaches the age of 18.

Another theory details that, in her case, these teeth have not fully emerged and that is why she must undergo a treatment to “free” them.

In any case, Leonor’s latest appearances reveal that, like the Infanta Sofia, she wears braces, although almost imperceptible.

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